The Procedure

FourCorners_239-scaledExtraction is comfortable when you have the right care. For your procedure, your surgeon will numb the area around the targeted tooth, including your jawbone and surrounding soft tissue (gums).

You will feel a lot of pressure during the process, but pain will be managed by the anesthetic. The tooth will be rocked back and forth, loosened, and elevated using specialist tools. You won’t feel any pain, only pressure. You can let the surgeon know any time that you do feel pain so it can be quickly addressed.

A surgical extraction is less common overall, and the process is more complicated. It’s performed when the tooth hasn’t broken through the gum line, such as impacted wisdom teeth. If you need surgical extraction, your surgeon will make an incision in the gum to access the tooth. After the incision, the process is like a standard tooth extraction. Your surgeon may stitch the surgical site to keep out bacteria and aid healing.

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