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When referring dentists need the best oral surgeon in Toronto, they send their cases to Four Corners Oral Surgery.

Led by Dr. Wendall Mascarenhas, our experienced staff is committed to providing the most comfortable oral surgery experience in West Toronto. Our patients receive attentive care with procedures that are carefully planned to ensure cost-efficiency as well as the most successful outcomes at our Brampton location.

From dental implants to wisdom tooth extraction, you are in the best hands at our oral surgery in Brampton, West Toronto.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Toronto

Wisdom teeth don’t develop in everyone, but when they do, the need for wisdom teeth removal in Toronto is likely. Close to 80% of people who develop wisdom teeth will experience dental problems. When teeth aren’t able to grow and erupt normally, they become impacted and must be removed.

Symptoms that lead to wisdom teeth removal in Toronto can include swelling, bleeding behind the molars, pain, and infection. Physical examination and x-ray imaging will determine if you need wisdom teeth removal in Toronto.

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